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Tune in anytime on Maui to 101.3 FM for commercial free worship, contemporary Christian, and Hawaiian worship.

Listen online anywhere by hitting the play button below!


Our heart is to encourage and equipt the people of Maui through God’s living word expressed through uninterrupted christian music. Every song is specially picked to give the listener the opportunity to worship, encounter the presence of God and respond to the life changing call to live for Jesus.

For you have been born again, but not to a life that will quickly end. Your new life will last forever because it comes from the eternal, living word of God

- 1 Peter 1:23

Tell Your Story

Aloha! Not that you need it but my wife and I want to say thank you for the wonderful radio station your church runs. We usually listen to KLOVE, but I was searching for something else to listen to and found KUKE. We really like hearing the Hawaiian praise music as my wife leads the Halau at our church, Poʻokela Church in Makawao. So far at the times we listened, we love the total music formal. We donʻt know what your plans are for the station, but we sure encourage you all with what you have now.

- David and Lois Farrington


Zeo Worship

2020 may be a rough year, but this new worship team from O’ahu is making it a bit brighter! Zeo Worship dropped their debut album recently titled "Ho‘onani", and features well known worship songs with portions in Hawaiian language. We are so excited to now have their whole album on The Living Word Radio!

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